Media Type: Television Program
Episode: Preggers
Station: Fox
Air Date: September 23, 2009
Actors: Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Matthew Morrison
Age Level: 12+
Viewer’s Annotation: Quinn finds out she’s pregnant, Kurt tries out for the football team and Sue tries once again to take down the Glee team.
Summary: Quinn finds out she’s pregnant, but is Finn really the father. In an effort to show unity and impress his dad Kurt tries for the football team that leads to a hilarious rendition of Beyonce’s hit song, danced to by boys in football pads. Sue talks to Sandy in an effort to get Schuester kicked off Glee.
Evaluation: I love this episode because of the scene between Kurt and his dad. All his life Kurt knows he is gay, and fears that his father will actually find out. He says dancing to Beyonce is a work out session. At the end, he comes out to father who simply says “I know.” I thought it was wonderful that the father already knew his son’s sexuality, and responded with I love you anyways. Perfect.
Additional Info: First season.
Selection: Love the show, period. Fox has managed to discuss important topics without too much weight, it’s remarkable.