Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Media Type: Major Motion Picture
Date of Release: July 15, 2009
DVD Release: December 8, 2009
Distributor: David Yates
Director: Warner Bros.
Actors: Daniel Radcliff, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint
Rating: PG
Age Level: 10+
Viewer’s Annotation: Harry Potter joins his friends for his sixth year at Hogwart’s Academy while somewhere Voldemort gains strength and power.
Summary: Harry’s six year at Hogwart’s finds him still struggling with the death of her uncle, and bearing the weight of being “the Chosen One.” Now that the wizarding world is aware of Voldemort’s return, and the Muggle World finds the unexplainable happening, Dumbledore finally takes Harry under his wing. Harry must journey with Dumbledore into the depths of the past to learn the truth about Voldemort’s beginnings.
Evaluation: The sixth theatrical release was everything that the fans were waiting for. The fights were bigger, the tension more gut wrenching and the teen angst more angsty. The actors playing the primary characters have finally come into their own, and truly own the characters they portray. The seasoned cast of Dumbledore, McGonagall and Snape once again prove their acting prowess as storylines deepen and lines are drawn. The final fight scene feels somewhat rushed, and the movie ends without the cathartic funeral of one of the main characters, but fans will be pleased by the overall feel of the film and its adherence to the text.
Additional Info: The sixth movie released in the huge Harry Potter franchise.
Selection: Huge fan, saw the midnight showing