Twilight Saga – New Moon

Media Type: Major Motion Picture
Date of Release: November 20, 2009
Distributor: Summit Entertainment
Director: Chris Weitz
Actors: Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattison, Taylor Lautner
Rating: PG-13
Age Level: 10+
Viewer’s Annotation: When Edward leaves Bella she struggles to pull herself together with the help of Jacob; who has secrets of his own.
Summary: Life is rosy for Bella and Edward who have found a way to be together despite the tempting scent of Bella’s blood. An inopportune papercut puts Bella in danger, and Edward, in a selfless act to protect his love, decides to leave Bella – “it will be as if I never existed.” With Edward gone, Bella falls apart unable to hold her life together without Edward to orbit. She slowly becomes friends with Jacob who make her feel better, despite her growing knowledge that he sees their friendship as something more. Through a series of misunderstandings (Romeo and Juliet, anyone?) Edward comes to believe that Bella has died, and sets himself on a path of vampire suicide via the Vulturri.
Evaluation: The second movie in the Twilight franchise puts Twilight (2008) to shame. Director Chris Weitz has pulled out all the stops to fix the issues that were obvious in the first film. Special effects have improved an enormous amount. The actors have really grown into their characters. Screenwriter Melissa Rosenburg does a fantastic job of condensing a very long novel into the essential plot points without depriving her audience. A wonderful addition to the series that will leave fans clamoring for Eclipse (June 30, 2010).
Additional Info: The second movie released in the Twilight Saga by Stephenie Meyers
Selection: I admit it, I’m a huge fan. I saw the midnight showing.