Bloom - Elizabeth Scott

ISBN: 978-1416926832
Publisher: Simon Pulse
Genre: Fiction
Age Level: 12+
Reader’s Annotation: When Evan breezes back into Lauren’s life she’s not sure how to handle the situation. One thing she does know though, nothing can ever go back to the way it was before.
Summary: Lauren lives the perfect life. She earns good grades, has good friends and her boyfriend is the uber popular Dave. The only problem is that she’s not exactly happy with the perfect life she lives. Enter Evan, the little boy that she grew up with for a short period when her father and his mother decided to move in together. Evan is no longer the sweet boy that she remembers reading C.S. Lewis with; instead he looks bruised and battered. It doesn’t take long for Lauren’s attraction to Evan to grow, and her feelings for Dave to diminish completely.
Evaluation: High school is tough, no matter what, and Scott nails Lauren’s feelings of confusion and misdirection while she tries to decide what is truly important to her. Bloom is a love story, and readers will be interested to find out who Lauren chooses. It is also a wonderful novel about one young girl learning to stand on her own two feet and make the choices that she must make. A great read for reluctant readers and those searching for something a little deeper than chic lit this summer.
Author Info: author of “Living Dead Girl”
Booktalk Ideas: What do you do when you no longer want what you most desired?
Selection: I fell in love with Living Dead Girl, and wanted to read some of the author’s other works.