Eternal - Cynthia Leitch Smith

ISBN: 9780763635732
Publisher: Candlewick
Genre: Horror
Age Level: 12+
Reader’s Annotation: Zachary loves Miranda; the only problem is that he is her guardian angel. Add to this issue the little fact that Miranda is a newly made vampire and then prepare yourself for a classic tale of good versus evil, high school style.
Summary: Set in the same universe at Smith’s freshman effort, Tantalize, Eternal offers a brand new cast of irresistible characters drawn into a fantasy world. Miranda is shy, dominated by her best friend and tired of her divorced parents constant bickering. Zachary is Miranda’s guardian angel. Not only has he watched and loved her from birth, but recently discovers that he is in love with her. Taunted into joining her best friend in a cemetery to meet an older guy, Miranda is bitten by Dracula himself. Fast forward one year and Miranda is Dracula’s newly minted Princess and Zachary has fallen from grace in his attempt to save her. When Miranda posts an ad for a personal assistant, Zachary is given the chance to regain grace if only he can save Miranda’s soul.
Evaluation: This is a fast and fun read for those who enjoy the vampire genre. It is also a refreshing take on vampire mythology with the addition of Zachary’s divine character. Readers will look forward to Blessed, Smith’s upcoming third book where characters from her previous two novels will meet.
Author Info: Author of Tantalize
Booktalk Ideas: Angel v vampire – who wins?
Challenges: some Christian parents may not like the meeting of angels and vampires
Selection: I loved Tantalize, and I wanted to read the companion novel.