Rapunzel’s Revenge – Shannon Hale, ill. Nathan Hale

ISBN: 9781599900704
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Genre: Graphic Novel
Age Level: 9+
Reader’s Annotation: What’s the true story of Rapunzel? Keep reading and find out.
Summary: Meet Rapunzel, an anger teenager after finding out that she was stolen from her parents as a young child. And to make it worse, raised as the daughter of the woman who stole her! Rapunzel sets out to free herself from her forest like cave, free her real mother from the clutches of her witchy mother, and set the world at right while she’s at it. This is rip roaring fun that keeps readers guessing. The illustrations are spot on, and just detailed enough to add to the text. When the text is lighter, the illustrations provide much needed comedic interludes and asides.
Evaluation: What a fun graphic novel! I love the western twist of imagining Rapunzel as a hair slinger, instead of a medieval princess. Jack is spot on, as a “aw-shucks” kind of guy. And how refreshing to see a male sidekick and a woman who can truly take care of herself.
Author Info: Written by award winning author Shannon Hale and her husband.
Illustrator: Nathan Hale has written and illustrated several other titles.
Booktalk Ideas: retelling fairy tales. Recasting male/female roles
Challenges: None.
Selection: Since my author study was Shannon Hale I wanted to have read all of her works.