Thwonk - Joan Bauer

ISBN: 978-0142404294
Publisher: Delacorte
Genre: Fiction
Age Level: 11+
Reader’s Annotation: A.J. knows that Peter is perfect for her, the same way she knows that she will become a photographer. When a cupid shows up and grants her one wish – Peter becomes her undying love much to A.J’s chagrin.
Summary: Seventeen-year-old A.J is certain that her life will be perfect if only she can get her heartthrob, the perfect Peter Terris, to notice her and take her to the upcoming King of Hearts dance. Despite her level headed approach to her photography, her parents and school, love totally escapes her and always eclipses her better judgement. When a cupid named Jonathan magically appears and offers her the choice of three options: better academics, better art or a better love life, A.J. leaps at the chance to get Peter “thwonked” by Jonathon’s mythological arrow.
Evaluation: This is a fun read, especially around Valentine’s Day – which features so predominantly in the storyline. However, those readers looking for something hilarious, or something deeper than A.J.’s incessant need for love will need to look elsewhere. A,J,’s photography is her saving grace, unfortunately, Bauer doesn’t give us much to grasp onto and we finish the novel unsure of how it’s changed us at all.
Author Info: Bauer has written a number of tween/YA titles
Booktalk Ideas: If you could have three wishes, what would they be? Why? What if they wishes went wrong?
Selection: New to Bauer, I picked the one with the seeming youngest audience.