The Goose Girl - Shannon Hale

ISBN: 158234843X
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Genre: Fantasy
Age Level: 9+
Reader’s Annotation: Betrayed by her most loyal friends, a princess is left un-named, unguarded and alone. When the chance comes to reclaim her throne, will she have the courage and the strength to do so?
Summary: This retelling of a classic Grimm’s fairytale does it justice. Ani’s tale starts with her being unknowingly sent as a betrothed princess to a distant land in order to ensure peace. When she is deceived by her guard and unseated from her throne, she must rely on her wits, and new friends, in order to survive as a Goose Girl in a new land. Ani’s struggle in regain her place in the world, and her title, are the plot of this fast read. However, the story is really propelled forward by the lovely language that Hale uses to tell Ani’s story, and the stories of her rag-a muffin band of Forest Folk. An enchanting tale full of courage, strength and perseverance in the face of true danger.
Evaluation: What a lovely book. Hale has a real gift for language and Ani’s tale of deception and strength is a page turner.
Author Info: Hale’s first book in the Bayern series, four total
Booktalk Ideas: This could very easily be used in a “re-told fairytale” talk or display.
Challenges: Clean read. Perfect for tweens just getting into light fantasy.
Selection: This is the first book in the Bayern series by Shannon Hale, my chosen author for the Author Study assignment.