The Runaways: Pride and Joy – Brian K. Vaughn. Ill. Adrian Aphona

ISBN: 0785113797
Publisher: Marvel
Genre: Graphic Novel
Age Level: 9+
Reader’s Annotation: When 6 teens realize that their parents are actually evil super villains, life as they knew it ends. Now they must use their new found powers and alliances in order to stop their parents before they commit another crime.
Summary: Alex, Karolina, Gert, Chase, Molly and Nico hate having to get together once a year when their parents discuss their yearly charitable contributions to society. This year, when the parents have their meeting, the teens decide to sneak in and see what’s so important. Unfortunately, the secret meeting they stumble upon reveals the truth that their parents are all evil super humans.
Evaluation: What a fantastic idea! This is the first graphic novel I’ve read that I’m wanted to continue to read. The premise is oh-so-delicious, the writing is concise and believable and the art is easy to follow. This is the first in a series of 6 that will definitely keep followers interested and reading.
Author Info: Brian Vaughn is also the author of Pride of Baghdad.
Booktalk Ideas: Superheros v. super villains – who would win? What power would you want most? Kids v. parents
Challenges: violence, disobedience, murder
Selection: This series consistently gets recognized on graphic novel list serves and “must-buy” lists. This was the perfect opportunity to read volume one.