Enna Burning - Shannon Hale

ISBN: 1582348898
Publisher: Bloomsbury
Genre: Fantasy
Age Level: 9+
Reader’s Annotation: Enna has always searched for a power inside herself, like her friend Isi’s ability to talk to the wind. When Enna discovers her own powerful talent, will she have the strength to control it?
Summary: Enna’s talent is revealed in this second book in the Bayern series. Enna relishes her new found ability to talk to and control fire, but her enthusiasm is tempered by her brother’s death by fire. When war comes to Bayern and the Forest folk unite to fight alongside their new King and Queen Enna must choose to accept her talent, or succumb to its power.
Evaluation: Reader’s clamoring for more about Bayern, Isi and Enna will be thrilled with this companion book. Enna’s story takes forefront in this story while she’s tested by more than fire. Meanwhile, we learn more about Isi, Finn and Razo. A great companion novel.
Author Info: The sequel to Hale’s first novel.
Booktalk Ideas: What power do you wish you could have? What are the downsides of that power?
Challenges: There is one very short (few sentences) of an attempted physical abuse. The rape is stopped when another character enters the scene, but it may be too much for some parents.
Selection: Sequel to Goose Girl. I want to read the whole series now.