Immortal - Gillian Shields

ISBN: 978-0061375804
Publisher: Katherine Tegan Books
Genre: Fantasy
Age Level: 12+
Reader’s Annotation: Evie Johnson must harness her new powers in order to defeat an ancient coven set on destroying her and her mysterious lover.
Summary: When her father must return to his military post, and her grandmother suffers a stroke Evie Johnson is forced to attend Wyldcliffe, the boarding school where all the women in her family went. Arriving at Wyldcliffe, Evie is accosted Jane Eyre style by a boy named Sebastian. In her first few weeks Evie starts to see ghosts, hear a girl talking to her and is drawn into a mysterious relationship with Sebastian; who refuses to meet her during the day or reveal anything of his past. Evie is drawn into the history of Wyldcliffe, where she learns that she is decendant of Lady Agnes – ancient love of Sebastian who has sold his soul to Dark Forces to achieve immortality as the cost of Agnes’ life. It is Evie who must harness the elemental forces first awakened by Agnes and Sebastian in order to defeat the dark forces that now rule over Wyldcliffe.
Evaluation: A great break from the vampire genre, this title walks a thin line between suspension of disbelief and all out silliness. That being said, tweens will be propelled forward in the story through the underlying mystery of Agnes and her journal entries.
Booktalk Ideas: Would you die for your boyfriend?
Selection: I loved the cover. I wish I loved the book.